Improving Real Estate Market Can Mean Improved HVAC Service Sales

Air Duct Cleaning for New and Existing Homes

Originally published: 07.08.13 by HVACR Business Staff


GRAPEVINE, TX — Whether it is the construction of new homes or the purchase of existing homes, the real estate industry is finally seeing an upswing, and according to Rotobrush International the latest housing trends can mean more opportunities for service sales for HVAC contractors.

  • According to The U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1,017,000 privately owned housing units building permits were authorized in April 2013. This is 14.3% above the March 2013 rate of 890,000 and is 35.8% above the April 2012 estimate of 749,000.
  • The National Association of Realtors reports that existing-home sales were at 4.97 million in April 2013, the highest pace since November 2009 when the market spiked to 5.44 million in response to the homebuyer tax credit.

“Both new and older homes can benefit from air duct cleaning checks for improving IAQ,” said Lane Jeffryes, CEO and president of Rotobrush International. “In new homes, ductwork often contains debris from the construction of the home, or drywall and sawdust might migrate there and onto the evaporator coil if the HVAC system is used during the construction process. In older homes, the ducts may never have been cleaned or may even be damaged. These issues are easy to fix and a simple assessment is all that’s needed to begin.”

Rotobrush offers contractors the following statistics and information to assist in homeowner education:

Air Duct Cleaning Recommendations for Improving IAQ

  • Inspect, clean and repair dirty and/or compromised duct work
  • Homeowners can install mechanical ventilation, which dilutes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by introducing fresh outdoor air. Mechanical ventilation is like opening window, but doing so in a more energy efficient manner
  • Use a doormat—a wipe-off mat will cut down on one of the biggest carriers of particulates in home: the bottoms of shoes
  • Use high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) or central vacuum system
  • Limit smoking indoors
  • Use exhaust fan while cooking
  • Use bathroom exhaust fan
  • Wash bedding frequently in hot water of at least 140°F
  • Limit indoor flame sources
  • Limit the use of scented candles and/or room fresheners
  • Seal door between house and garage

Source: AirAdvice State of Our Indoor Air Report



To assist contractors with assessment and air duct cleaning services, Rotobrush has partnered with AirAdvice for Homes to provide contractors with a state-of-the-art monitor for placement in the home, where it identifies IAQ issues, continually measures and transmits IAQ data and generates a comprehensive report diagnosing IAQ issues and providing solutions. If duct cleaning is needed, contractors can then utilize Rotobrush’s newest air duct cleaning machine, the aiR+®XP Air Duct Cleaning System. Designed with contractor input, this system offers double the power of the original machine, longer reach and the flexibility to clean all types of ductwork.

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