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Nordyne Releases Distributor App

Originally published: 12.21.12 by

Nordyne has launched an app to help distributors streamline the presentation contractor programs, products and services. 

The Nordyne Distributor Marketing Toolkit includes all of the marketing programs the company offers as well as product information. It is accessible even when not connected to the Internet.

“Nordyne is continuing its commitment to innovative technologies,” says Carol Baker, vice president of marketing at Nordyne. “iPads are an important selling tool for contractors and distributors, so it is important to us to fully utilize this platform in order to give our distributor partners a competitive advantage in the field.”

Distributors will also have the ability to show all documentation to contractors, and e-mail the information to the appropriate party. Although e-mail will require an Internet connection, distributors will be able to save any documentation as a draft and send it when reconnected.

In addition to the new distributor app, there is a web app for contractors already out. Nordyne says it will introduce a sales app for contractors in January 2013.

The app is available for download, exclusively by NORDYNE distributors, through the iTunes App Store

For more information: www.heyNORDYNE.com

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