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Matthew Stangle

Matthew Stangle is an insurance agent with WSMT Insurance, which was named 2011 Business of the Year by the town of Bel Air, MD. Matthew is a member of the Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors of Maryland (HACC) and writes the insurance for several HVACR companies. He also ran a $5 million service location with 42 employees prior to joining the insurance industry.

For more information: www.InsureHVAC.com

Articles by Matthew Stangle

Risk Management Shouldn’t Be Risky Business

Instead of focusing on finding the best insurance policy for when an accident occurs, why not focus on preventing it from happening in the first place?
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When Safe Equals Savings

Businesses that have a strong safety culture in place have fewer losses. By communicating these preventive measures, your business can save on insurance premiums.
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Protecting Against Data-Related Risks

This exposure is excluded in standard general liability policies, but may be insured separately under a policy that covers “electronic-data incidents” resulting in damage to, loss of, loss of use of, cor- ruption of, inability to access, or inability to properly manipulate, electronic data.
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Do You Have Too Much Liability Coverage?

Typically, general liability includes three areas: bodily injury and property damage, personal and advertising injury, and medical expenses. Determine the amount of liability coverage you need by evaluating your potential risk, the state in which you operate (both its legal minimum and its history of awarding high damage amounts), and your personnel quality.
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