Business survival skills

Originally published: 11.05.12 by HVACR Business Staff

New classroom opportunities for service managers and dispatchers have been announced for December. The courses teach behaviors and actions necessary for profitability.

Service Manager Survival School and  Dispatcher Survival School were both developed by Ruth King to provide HVAC contractors with the tools to improve their business skills.  

Service Manager Survival School gives new and experienced service managers the skills they need to profitably manage and grow a service department. Year after year, 100 percent of the people attending class would recommend this class to other managers. 

Dispatcher Survival School teaches dispatchers how to profitably dispatch and handle technicians, deal with customers, time management, and organizational skills necessary to perform their job properly

Class dates are:

Service Manager School: December 10-13, 2012
Dispatcher School: December 6-7, 2012

“The skills to run a profitable service department or dispatch profitably are necessary for both market segments,” said Ruth King. “The key is to profitably take care of customers, technicians, and the company. These are the behaviors and actions that are taught in these classes.”

Ruth has 25+ years experience working with and in HVAC companies.  Her focus is on growing profitable HVAC departments and companies. articles have appeared in HVAC industry publications such as Contracting Business.  She is a licensed contractor in Georgia. 

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