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Bosch Expands Screwgun Line

Originally published: 09.25.12 by

Bosch Power Tools is expanding its screwgun line this spring with two powerful yet lightweight tools, as well as the brand’s first auto-feed system for increased versatility, the company recently announced. 

The Bosch SG250 and SG450 Screwguns are quiet, comfortable and compact, yet packed with torque for quick and efficient screwdriving. The Bosch SG450AF’s auto-feed system gives users an easily adjustable, detachable system for extended tool use.

Both tools feature plastic gear housing, providing exceptional balance that will allow users to drive screws all day with less strain. The screwguns also feature new, ergonomic grips that distribute pressure to minimize fatigue and maximize comfort.  They offer improved dust protection and feature a new, integrated bit pull-out aid for tool-free bit changes. A new fan design makes the tools 20 percent quieter.  And a variable lock-on speed trigger provides flexible control for all applications.

Both tools offer the highest published torque in their categories, according to the company. The SG250 offers 177 inch-pounds of torque at 2,500 RPM and the SG450 offering 106 inch-pounds at 4,500 RPM. Both also feature a 7-amp motor for powerful and efficient all-day use. 

The SG450AF,

which includes the SG450 Screwgun enhanced by an auto-feed attachment, marks an exciting new extension of the Bosch screwgun line, the company says. The attachment’s collated screw strip guide holds screw strips in place, allowing users to effortlessly work without the hassle of handling screws. 

The auto-feed system allows for one-handed, tool-free adjustment of screw length and depth, and features an open design to facilitate easy dust removal. The auto-feed attachment accommodates 1-inch to 2 1/8-inch screws, is easily detachable so users can work in tight spaces and works with both the SG250 and SG450.

For more information: http://www.boschtools.com

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