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Pete Grasso - Keeping it Simple

HVACR Business Editor Pete Grasso shares his views and insight into the issues facing HVACR business owners and managers in this new blog. 



Don't Let Your Resolution Die

Originally posted: 01.21.15

Now is the time to refocus yourself on the New Year's Resolutions you've made this year.

Studies show most New Year's Resolutions tend to die out around this time of the month (a mere three weeks into the New Year), so take a step back and start again if you have to. Don't give up!

The reason you made a resolution is because yo ... continue reading

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Don't Let Your Resolution Die

Originally posted: 01.21.15

A mere three weeks into the New Year, take a step back and start again if you have to.

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Put Electronic Devices Away

Originally posted: 01.19.15

It can be difficult to unplug, but you'll find yourself more relaxed if you do.

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Small Business Resolutions

Originally posted: 01.16.15

The Small Business Administration is a helpful resource for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses in 2015.

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Stay Organized this Year

Originally posted: 01.14.15

Business owners need to be well prepared and organized with important paperwork, regulations and deadlines.

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Keep Learning

Originally posted: 01.12.15

Business owners must continue learning or risk dragging their companies into mediocrity.

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AHR in the Windy City

Originally posted: 01.12.15

The world's largest gathering of contractors, suppliers, distributors and consultants in the HVACR industry are on hand in Chicago this week for the 2015 AHR Expo.

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Don't Forget Marketing!

Originally posted: 01.09.15

Whether you're a one-person start-up or a multi-million dollar company, you NEED to map out your marketing plan.

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Be More Confident

Originally posted: 01.07.15

Being confident is a HUGE part of being a great leader. Resolve to believe in yourself and your ideas this year.

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Resolutions for Your Business

Originally posted: 01.05.15

This is the time of year to really think about what you'd like to resolve to do better in the next 12 months at your company.

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A Fresh Start

Originally posted: 01.02.15

There's no rule that says New Year's Resolutions need to be decided upon and start at the stroke of midnight when the new year begins.

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Three Waves of Employee Engagement

Originally posted: 12.26.14

Now is the time to continue your good cheer and focus on keeping your employees engaged in the coming year.

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Happy Holidays!

Originally posted: 12.25.14

Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a joyful New Year. Best wishes from your friends at HVACR Business magazine!

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A Festivus for the Rest of Us!

Originally posted: 12.23.14

See a problem? Do something about it and you'll be happy you didn't let the opportunity pass by.

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You're Not that Busy!

Originally posted: 12.19.14

It's time to stop the glorification of busy, and just be smart about your time and get it done.

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Keeping it Social

Originally posted: 12.17.14

To inspire your social media efforts for 2015, here are some of the best campaigns of 2014.

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Spice it Up for the Holidays

Originally posted: 12.15.14

Whether it's your party, your spouse's party or even a family party, making small talk can get old really fast.

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Be a Thought Leader

Originally posted: 12.12.14

To build trust and enhance your position, continue to exchange knowledge and educate key audiences on your brand.

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Evolution of Business Marketing

Originally posted: 12.10.14

To stay competitive, you must evolve — this is especially true with how you market your business.

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It's (Almost) Show Time!

Originally posted: 12.08.14

The value of a trade show is all about time, and the return on investment from attending takes many forms.

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