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Pete Grasso - Keeping it Simple

HVACR Business Editor Pete Grasso shares his views and insight into the issues facing HVACR business owners and managers in this new blog. 



Have the Courage to Lead

Originally posted: 03.09.15

Being a leader takes courage. Telling other people what to do is easy, but leading them can be a challenge.

The great leaders lead by example. Sure, you've got to delegate responsibilities to lead, but you also must be willing to roll up your sleeves and work alongside your team when necessary.

You should never be unwilling to do ... continue reading

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Have the Courage to Lead

Originally posted: 03.09.15

There's a difference between being a boss and being a leader. A leader has courage. Great leaders lead by example.

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Always Get Your Way

Originally posted: 03.06.15

Take steps to improve your negotiation skills so you're not always left holding the short straw.

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Don't Be A Generic Professional

Originally posted: 03.04.15

As a business professional, if you're not already on LinkedIn, you're missing out on a great tool.

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Anyone Can Be A Blogger

Originally posted: 03.02.15

You don’t have to be a professional writer to have a blog. Share your knowledge with the world.

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Spread Positivity

Originally posted: 02.27.15

Being positive can be easy if you try. And, once you get the hang of it, spread it around.

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Don't Get Bogged Down By Email

Originally posted: 02.25.15

It takes a lot of discipline to not let your email interfere with your productivity.

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You’re An Expert — Tell People

Originally posted: 02.23.15

You have to solicit the media and position yourself as an expert on all things HVACR.

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Too Much Customer Service?

Originally posted: 02.20.15

It's not just your call-takers who need to practice good customer service — it's everyone who comes into contact with your customers.

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Be Better at Your Job

Originally posted: 02.18.15

Sometimes, being better at your job means being better away from your job.

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Boost Your Productivity

Originally posted: 02.16.15

Take some time, either first thing in the morning or at the end of the previous day, to plan out what you want to accomplish.

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Get Past Your Fear of Failure

Originally posted: 01.29.15

At some point, everyone fails at something. The truly successful people keep trying.

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AHR in the Windy City

Originally posted: 01.25.15

The world's largest gathering of contractors, suppliers, distributors and consultants in the HVACR industry are on hand in Chicago this week for the 2015 AHR Expo.

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Don't Let Your Resolution Die

Originally posted: 01.21.15

A mere three weeks into the New Year, take a step back and start again if you have to.

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Put Electronic Devices Away

Originally posted: 01.19.15

It can be difficult to unplug, but you'll find yourself more relaxed if you do.

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Small Business Resolutions

Originally posted: 01.16.15

The Small Business Administration is a helpful resource for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses in 2015.

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Stay Organized this Year

Originally posted: 01.14.15

Business owners need to be well prepared and organized with important paperwork, regulations and deadlines.

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Keep Learning

Originally posted: 01.12.15

Business owners must continue learning or risk dragging their companies into mediocrity.

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