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Management Books

Originally published: 02.01.09 by HVACR Business Staff

Your company faces a lot of challenges within a highly competitive industry. Keeping on top of the latest best practices in managing business and leading people is a challenge in itself. There are literally thousands of business books published every year. Who has the time to decipher which will be the most insightful read? We’re providing comments on books that will educate you on business concepts and new skills. This year, we will whittle thousands down to about 50 titles worthy of inclusion in your management library. Vist our Web site for the entire list of reviews.

Power Referrals By Andrea Sittig-Rolf

(McGraw-Hill, $18.95)

Available through major bookstores and online at www.amazon.com.

Author, Andrea Sittig-Rolf offers busy entrepreneurs a solution for promoting business with limited time. She provides business owners and salespeople a step-by-step method for building ambassadors outside of the organization who so strongly believe in the value of the product or service that they sell it among their peers and their own organizations—for free! Sittig-Rolf details how to build these relationships and what tools to provide the extended sales team to give them an edge.

Guts! By Kevin and Jackie Freiberg

(Doubleday, $14.95)

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Available through major bookstores and online at www.amazon.com.

Inspired by the unconventional, yet highly successful management culture of Southwest Airlines that authors Kevin and Jackie Frieberg discussed in their first book, the Friebergs next put together a collection of companies run by “gutsy leaders.” These are the leaders who have thought outside the box of traditional management rules in favor of new approaches. In these profiles of gutsy leaders, the Friebergs identify how and why these gutsy leaders succeed, and they provide an outline for other business leaders looking to become more courageous in their approaches to business.

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