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HVACR Business Stock Index


Many decisions you need to make to be a successful HVACR business owner are impacted by the stock market. The HVACR Business Stock Index helps you to better understand how the companies that impact your business are faring. This monthly commentary explains the ups and downs of the stocks related to the HVACR industry, and you don’t have to be a financial guru to read it. 


Jul. 2014 — Markets End in Positive Terrain as Mergers Overpower Iraq Fears

The HVACR Business Stock Index rose 41.06 points, or 3.20 percent, and closed at 1325.85. Advancing issues overpowered declining issues at a 28-to- 3 count.

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Jun. 2014 — Economics Improve but HVACR Business Index Slips into the Red

The HVACR Business Stock Index slipped 7.83 points, or 0.61 percent, and closed at 1284.79. Declining issues inched past advancing issues at a 16-to- 15 count.

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May 2014 — Volatile Markets End Mixed

The HVACR Business Stock Index marched solidly into positive terrain, up 31.93 points, or 2.53 percent, closing at 1292.62. Advancing issues squeaked past declining issues at a 16-to-15 count.

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Apr. 2015 — Markets Start Strong, then Fade

The HVACR Business Stock Index slid 31.18 points, or 2.41 percent, to close at 1260.69. Declining issues outpaced advancing issues by a 20-to-11 count.

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Mar. 2014 — Stocks Struggle as Markets Correct

The HVACR Business Stock Index fell 33.69 points, or 2.54 percent, and closed at 1291.87. Declining issues overpowered advancing issues by a 23-to-7 count.

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Feb. 2015 — Markets Close on a Positive Turn

The HVACR Business Stock Index began 2014 rising in tandem with national markets, ahead 48.28 points, or 3.78 percent, to end at 1325.57. Advancing issues dominated declining issues at a 27-to-4 count.

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Jan. 2015 — Stocks Fade as Economic News Points to Taper

The HVACR Business Stock Index slipped slightly off 14.35 points, or 1.11 percent, closing at 1277.28. Declining issues bypassed advancing issues at a 20-to-11 count.

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