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July 2014 

Empower Your Team to Lead

By Ben Hubbert

As the leader of your business, you’re the guide, the director, the manager. By your communication and direction, the team around you listens, follows and executes the goals of your company. 



The DOs and DON’Ts of Great Leadership

By Roxi Hewertson

It’s prudent to specifically focus on your attitudes and behaviors when evaluating your leadership. There are five winning behaviors — and five failing behaviors — that show up consistently in leaders who succeed and those who fail. read more >>

Find & Leverage What’s Right in Your Workplace

By Chris Walling

Appreciative Inquiry is a model of organizational development that asks leaders to shift to a positive perspective by examining the things an organization does well and thereby leverage its innate strengths to outweigh its limitations. read more >>



There’s No Leaning In On A Unicycle

By Lisë Stewart

As women, we lead differently, often with the desire to bring more balance and compassion to our working world. read more >>


Do You Have a Collection Problem?

By Ruth King

The Receivable Days ratio tells you whether you have a collection problem or are heading toward one. 


Motivate with Money

By George Hedley

Bonuses and incentives without targets are like playing football without end zones or scoreboards. 


Reputation: The Real ‘R’ in CRM

By Mike Muhney

The actual result of CRM is little more than a tool to oversee an employee’s progress with customers and prospects. read more >>


Publisher's Page

Career Advice is a Dirty Job

By Terry Tanker

Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs, always has practical, real-world common sense advice for anyone willing to listen. Recently, he offered career advice to a young fan who wrote to him, and his profound response really hit home.

Management Resource Shelf

Apps for Business

Savvy business owners are rarely without their mobile device — you use it for everything from email, to phone calls, to time management and even games. To make the most of your mobile device, consider these six apps to help you with your business. read more >>

HVACR Business Stock Index

Markets End in Positive Terrain as Mergers Overpower Iraq Fears

By Margot Crabtree

The HVACR Business Stock Index rose 41.06 points, or 3.20 percent, and closed at 1325.85. Advancing issues overpowered declining issues at a 28-to-3 count. read more >>

20 Questions

Jason Stom, Clear the Air Cooling & Heating

By Terry Tanker

Jason Stom, president & CEO of Clear the Air Cooling & Heating in Friendswood, Texas, a 2014 Tops-in-Trucks Fleet Design Contest winner, discusses his company’s history, his father’s legacy and the importance of enjoying what you do. read more >>