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Testo Introduces Two Combustion Analyzers

Originally published: 09.25.12 by

Testo has announced the release of two combustion analyzers aimed at meeting the needs of HVAC technicians in residential tuning and commercial applications.

The testo 310 represents a new class of instruments for the company and combines German engineering at an introductory-level price class.

It is a rugged, yet lightweight, residential customer analyzer designed to measure flue gas, draft, ambient CO and pressure. It features two longer lasting high-range sensors to measure O2 and CO and comes with a NOx filter standard. Readings are displayed on a large, back-lit multi-line display. Other accessories include an integrated probe for flue gas measurements from 32° to 752 °F and a USB charger.

The testo 320 is a professional-level instrument for residential and commercial boiler/burner tune-ups, service and maintenance.

The testo 320 features a vivid hi-def color graphic display for easy-to-read measurements. It can be used to measure O2, CO, CO2, combustion efficiency, excess air, draft, pressure, and differential temperature. It also features two gas sensors and a variety of different probe choices which helps minimize the number of instruments necessary to take different measurements.

The testo 320 offers an integrated memory able to

store up to 500 readings and can communicate with a variety of different hardware options, including PCs via Bluetooth, USB, and infrared printer managed by Testo’s easyHeat software. 

Both combustion analyzers are ready to measure in 30 seconds with a convenient auto-zero function and an integrated magnet back for hands-free operation. The robust housing, ergonomic design, and rechargeable battery make both the 310 and 320 easy to use for combustion tuning and analysis. Both instruments have kit options that can include an infrared printer with 10-year legibility thermal paper.  

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