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Venture Tape Expands Offerings With Adhesives, Sealants

Originally published: 09.25.12 by

Venture Tape has introduced two new product lines of spray adhesives and sealants, which will expand the company’s product offerings beyond tapes, according to a recent statement.   

The spray adhesive and sealant products are designed to offer customers a range of solutions for a broad array of adhesive and sealant applications, the company said.  

Venture Grip products are water-based contact adhesives that feature fast tack and cure and permanent bonding to insulation, foam, fiberglass, and plastics, as well as other natural and synthetic materials. These highly versatile products come in 40 lb. disposable canisters or other convenient dispenser options and require no special tools for application. 

The five Venture Grip products include: 

  • Venture Grip 300, a LEED compliant, “Green Guard” certified adhesive that is versatile and non flammable
  • Venture Grip 200, an industrial strength, LoVOC contact adhesive especially designed for HVAC applications but also ideal for general purpose bonding (VentureGrip 200 LoVOC is unique in that it contains NO Methylene Chloride)
  • Venture Grip 100, a general purpose industrial strength contact adhesive that is water resistant
  • Venture Grip 400, a non flammable, industrial strength contact adhesive designed for cost effective and efficient
    coverage and quick, easy application
  • Venture Grip 500, a fast-drying contact adhesive that is versatile and cost effective 

The two Venture Seal products include:

Venture Seal 301, a 100 percent silicone high performance sealant, is easy to apply and fast curing and provides excellent long-term UV and weather resistance for a durable and reliable bond. 

Venture Seal PU340 is a high-performance, one-component, fast-curing polyurethane sealant and adhesive provides a permanently elastic bond to materials with dissimilar coefficients of expansion. It meets ASTM C-920 requirements, as well as Type S, Grade NS, and Class 12.5.

For more information: www.venturetape.com

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