SUPCO Adds to Product Portfolio

Originally published: 08.28.12 by HVACR Business Staff

SUPCO has recently introduced two new products to its portfolio of test instruments and replacement parts for HVACR contractors.

The SUD8358 Magna-Clean is a new concept in compressor system protection. A magnetic filter drier reduces and captures microscopic steel, iron, stainless steel, moisture and other particles as the refrigerant flows through the ACR system. 

The SUD8358 also includes UV dye that will circulate throughout the ACR system for future leak detection troubleshooting. Protects and reduces wear and tear on component parts. 

Additional specifications include: 

  • Inlet Size: 1/4” OD / 1/4” Flare 
  • Outlet Size: 1/4” OD or Cap 
  • Length: 8-3/4” 
  • Diameter: 1” 
  • Tonnage R134A: 3/4 hp 
  • Tonnage R22: 1 hp 
  • Compatible with all refrigerants up to 500 psi 

The company’s Single Set Point Temperature Alarm with Digital Display & Remote Wireless Alarm is designed to protect temperature sensitive products. 

The SUPCO TA44 temperature alarm kit has an adjustment range from -40?F to 160?F (-40°C to 71°C), which covers any area where temperature change is critical. The kit includes an LCD digital display transmitter (TA44T) and alarm receiver (R10), which can be remotely located up to 500 feet from the TA44T. Multiple transmitter and receivers can be used to monitor temperatures at several locations. 

Standard features include 

  • large digital LCD display
  • 12V adapter/120VAC power cord
  • a loud
    90dB audible alarm
  • over/under temperature modes
  • 6 foot thermistor type sensor
  • extendable up to 200 feet 
  • remote alarm connection for optional phone dialer or other type of remote alarms

This device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC guidelines, the company said. 

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