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Flood Buzz Pro Introduced as Customer Relationship Building Tool

Originally published: 08.28.12 by HVACR Business Staff

Archetype Ltd. has launched the Flood Buzz Pro, a water leak alarm designed to mitigate water leak damage as well as to serve as a key marketing and relationship building tool for plumbers, HVAC contractors, insurance agents, remediation contractors, and building maintenance service providers.

The Flood Buzz Pro is positioned near potential water leak locations, such as water heaters, condensate pans, laundry, under sinks, and toilets. When it senses a potential leak, it sounds an up to 110 dB alert to notify customers to call their contractor.

The Flood Buzz has an internal battery with an up to three-year life span, providing another reason for service visits every three years.

The product has a label area on the back for contractors to affix their own label with their direct contact information. 

For more information: www.FloodBuzzPro.com

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