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IPG Introduces UL 181 B-FX-Rated AC50UL Cloth Duct Tape

Originally published: 08.28.12 by HVACR Business Staff

IPG introduced its UL 181-rated AC50UL, a premium-grade HVAC duct tape for flexible air ducts and air connectors, according to a company statement.

The new 14 mil high-strength polyethylene-coated cloth duct tape is engineered with an aggressive adhesive to create a strong bond to duct surfaces, the company said.  

The conformity of AC50UL to the UL 181 B-FX standard means that the tape meets flexible duct criteria for HVAC systems required by many building codes throughout the United States, including that recommended by the 2009 California Residential Compliance Manual.

The flexibility of IPG’s AC50UL allows for easy molding when applied to flexible duct, and adhesion remains strong in a wide range of temperatures from sub-zero up to 200 degrees F. 

Jobsite benefits to the contractor include UL markings clearly printed on the tape for quick and easy identification, easy hand tear, and no need for the use of a dispenser, the company offered. 

The airtight AC50UL tape, available in silver and black, is resistant to humidity, mold growth, and other potential HVAC duct contamination. It is flame resistant, conforming to flame spread UL 723/ASTM E-8.  It is UV resistant. Its tensile strength is 38 lb/in and the elongation percentage is 21. The adhesion to steel rating

is 75 oz/in. Sizes are 48 mm x 54.8.7 m and 72 mm x 54.8 m.

For more information: www.itape.com

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