Luxaire Acclimate Features Patented Water Delivery System

Originally published: 07.31.12 by HVACR Business Staff

Johnson Controls has introduced the Luxaire Acclimate Model 4000 WaterSaver Humidifier, which features a patented water delivery system that includes:

  • Wicking water panel that uses a sponge-like action to move water from the bottom of the panel toward the top, ensuring all  water in the unit is used during the evaporation process
  • Electronic water level sensors
  • Small float chamber that eliminates the need for a reservoir

The technology and design of the Model 4000, including quick left-right bypass conversion and reversible housing, allow for easy installation and require minimal maintenance, the company says. 

All humidifier housing parts that come into contact with water are nonmetal (except the valve and humidifier pad) and will not rust or corrode under normal operating conditions. 

In addition, the humidifier pad and scale control insert efficiently trap mineral deposits.

The WaterSaver’s performance benefits make it suitable for a variety of applications, including homes with septic systems, older drum-style humidifiers and no floor drains. 

The whole-house humidifier conserves water and energy and improves indoor air quality and comfort.

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