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Fieldpiece Launches Wireless Swivel Clamp Meters

Fieldpiece Instruments announced the availability of two new swivel clamp meters, SC54 and SC57, that swivel a full 180 degrees for better visibility while taking measurements – no matter what angle the meter is clamped, the company said.

The SC57 can send or receive wireless measurements instantaneously, and data response time is also shortened on both meters due to the new 10,000-count display that shows large and small values without moving the decimal point or changing units.

The new clamps measure VAC, VDC, MilliVolt DC (SC54), MicroAmps DC, Frequency, true RMS, as well as Temperature (in °C and °F), and Capacitance. The SC57 comes with a wireless receiver, ET2W, to connect the meter to accessory heads. A double magnet holds the transmitter and head securely. The SC54 includes a MilliVolt DC conversion to display parameters from any Fieldpiece accessory head in mVDC.

An important feature of the meters is the non-contact voltage (NCV) function to warn the user when the NCV tab is close to live AC voltages. When it senses AC voltages down as low as 24VAC, it alerts the user by lighting up a big, bright LED, and sounding a loud beeper. Even if the user doesn't touch the voltage, the NCV function senses the ACV through the air.

To measure temperature with the SC54 and SC57, any K-type thermocouple plugs directly into the meter for excellent temperature compensation. The cold junction is located inside the meter and allows for extremely accurate measurements even in rapidly changing ambient temperatures, like going from a rooftop to a refrigerator.

The swivel head meters include a bright backlight making it easy to read the display even in the darkest and hardest to reach places, while the SC57 includes a LED Flashlight that illuminates when the jaw is open so techs can easily see wires in dark spots.

For more information: www.fieldpiece.com.

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